We quit sugar

My sister and I are tired of being tired, a little too round and just generally feeling unwell. Food has quite the psychological hold over us; we turn to it for comfort. We have tried every diet extreme over the years. Now in our mid-30s, our poor bodies are so confused from all the time of mixed messages….. And, well, it seems we are about to succumb to the next, great health and wellness message – Sugar is Poison!

Before you complain that that last sentence may smack slightly of jaded cynicism, I have genuinely been inspired by the Sugar is Poison message and believe we may just have stumbled onto something here. In particular, Sarah Wilson’s “I Quit Sugar” books and website have inspired me to approach health and wellbeing in a gentle manner. And so we here we are on the threshold of our gentle experiment: if we follow Sarah’s 8 Week Sugar Detox programme, try her recipes and see how we go.

So, no scales, no measuring, no calorie counting, no major restrictions other than the phasing out of the sugar. We will check in once a week and let you know how it’s going.