Wanderings Day 8

Just so you don’t think I am completely one dimensional, today’s wandering is taking us away from Africa!

I was fortunate enough to spend some months in Philadelphia a few years ago.  Time spent with very special family.

Such a different travel experience for this Southern Hemisphere girl.  It started as I arrived with an incredible snowstorm that turned the world white.  Completely ill equipped I still ventured out from my hotel room the next day to walk the snow still streets of Philly.  I finished off that day’s adventure at the sports bar next to the hotel enjoying a philly cheesesteak sandwich and watching a Philadelphia Eagles game on the big screen.

Lots to see and do and, of course, so much significant history to soak up.  I loved the vibe of Philly much more than any of the other US cities I have visited…. Home of The Roots, a long time favourite of mine.

The big snows came and went all the months of my stay. I got very good at snow angels and finally got a decent pair of boots for snow days.

I loved the glimpses of wildlife even in the suburbs – deer, owls, red cardinals and turkey vultures.